Eddie Long: “I am not the man portrayed”

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Via CNN:

Baptist TV preacher, Eddie Long, finally addressed the sexual allegations by four young men today on his TV show. I have followed this through CNN by default since CNN is my default homepage. I’ve also followed it because I do stop by TBN and watch snippets of many of these shows and it just so happened that I caught Bishop Long a few weeks ago. I have watched his work for a while and was impressed with the social aspect of his ministry, but the flashiness always bothered me–tight shirts, the buffiness, ultra cool wardrobe and I’ve even seen him in a matrix-like trench coat. So I was very, very curious to hear his response.

Somehow I forgot to turn to his show at 8:30 but I caught an excerpt on CNN.

Lithonia, Georgia (CNN) — Baptist televangelist Eddie Long said Sunday he will fight allegations that he coerced young male church members into having sex with him.

“I am not the man that has been portrayed on television,” he told his congregation.

Speaking publicly about the accusations for the first time, Long did not address the specific allegations contained in four lawsuits filed against him earlier this week.

“I’ve been accused, I’m under attack,” he said, lowering his head and softening his voice behind the pulpit at the New Birth Baptist Church in suburban Atlanta.

“I want you to know, as I said earlier, that I am not a perfect man. But this thing, I’m going to fight,” he said. “I feel like David against Goliath, but I’ve got five rocks and I haven’t thrown one yet.”

With that, the 57-year-old pastor put down his microphone and walked off stage, receiving deafening applause from the thousands who had come to hear him.

To be honest, I did not hear what I needed to hear. I needed to hear a clear-cut denial. Something to the effect of “I categorically deny . . ..” or “I never engaged in any of the alleged acts . . .” or “I have been faithful to my wife and never  . . .” something along that line. In effect, what we got was that he is not the man portrayed in the media. That could be and in fact probably is very true, but not to the point at all. The media does paint televangelists in a certain light and he is saying he is not what he has been made out to be. But, he still has not addressed the specific allegations.

While Eddie Long is not T. D. Jakes, if this thing drags out and it does turn out that there is merit to the allegations, it could do some damage in the community.


Black People asked to leave NJ Walmart

Via AP:

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, N.J. — Customers at a Walmart store in southern New Jersey are expressing dismay after hearing that someone used the public address system to order “all black people” to leave.

As she left the store Wednesday, customer Sharon Osbourne of Williamstown said she considers Sunday’s announcement “appalling, stupid and sad.”

A male voice came over the public-address system that evening at a store in Washington Township and calmly announced: “Attention Walmart customers: All black people leave the store now.”

Management apologized. Officials with Wal-Mart Stores Inc. say that it was “unacceptable” and that they’re trying to determine who made the announcement and how it happened.

My thoughts are that it is a young immature stupid young kid/man (black or white) who was not thinking. Usually hard core racists do not call attention to themselves like this. The type of person who does this is impulsive and idiotically thinks that gross jokes are funny.

“Elitist Kerry Did Better than Obama”

I ran into this letter(?) in the Tennessean about President Carter’s race comments and Obama.

Kerry, a wealthy liberal from Massachusetts, had little charisma. Four years later, we got a fiery Democratic candidate, self-made, up-from-the-working-class Barack Obama.

And yet, Kerry in 2004 got 10-20 percent more votes than Obama in 2008 throughout Appalachia, and the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Tennessee. Kerry similarly fared far better in much of Alabama, Texas and Kentucky, compared to Obama.

Further, Obama only got 43 percent of all white people’s vote overall, in the wake of the last four disastrous years of Bush, and a weak Republican ticket.

Blackness and nicotine addiction

Via Wapo (reg required and scroll down):

Skin Color Linked To Smoking Risk

African Americans may be at greater risk for cigarette addiction and smoking-related disease than whites, and darker-skinned African Americans may be at higher risk than those who are lighter-skinned, because the pigment responsible for dark skin color appears to play a role in nicotine addiction and disease, researchers said last week.

Melanin, the coloring pigment in skin and hair, has a biochemical affinity for nicotine, the drug that smokers crave. The greater the amount of melanin people have, the harder it could be for them to quit smoking, according to a report in the journal Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior.

The researchers found an increased risk of addiction not only among people who had darker skin as a result of their genes but also among people whose skin had been darkened as a result of exposure to sunlight. In both cases, those with the darkest skin tended to smoke the largest number of cigarettes.

One implication of the research is that studying smokers at different times of the year could produce different results, because of varying amounts of sunlight.

“One of the questions we want to address is why African Americans have lower quit rates than whites,” one of the authors, Gary King, a professor of biobehavioral health at Penn State, said in a statement.