Dry rub recipe I put together:

1 tablespoon salt

1 tablespoon pepper

1 tablespoon garlic powder

3 tablespoons brown sugar

Mix everything together use fingers if necessary and then taste. It should taste like sugar without the sweetness and touch briney.

Rub baby back ribs all over with all of the rub.

Turn grill on and make sure it is very hot. Place baby back ribs, fleshy side down for 2 minutes or until you get nice deep grill marks. Then cover with foil and bake in regular oven for 5 hours on 200 degrees and then followed by 1 hour at 170 degrees. Make sure flesh side is down for the entire time.

At the 3 hour mark, you can cover with barbeque sauce or not. It is important that you do not drain the natural juices but let the ribs cook in them.

Don’t thank me, just say a prayer for me in payment.

Buffalo Bills logo

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Via-Buffalo Rumblings

LA Times sez

If any team has a chance to go 0-16 this season, it’s the Bills.

First of all it is a foolish prediction about a team that went 2-2 in the preseason, whose first team offense moved the ball well against every first team defense it faced and whose first team defense held up decently against opponents 1s.

Not to mention that we had the #2 pass defense in the league last year and that entire unit is returning with more experience.

The Bills are not going 18-0 but definitely not 0-16 or even 4-12. The only people who hope for 0-16 are people who want the Bills to fail and possibly . . . move to LA.

Update: October 11–Crow stuffing. I can see it now. The Bills are unlikely to win any games this year. The new GM, new Head coach, Defensive Coordinator, and Special Teams Coach are way in over their heads. The starting QB was benched and released after 2 games and the team has the worst defense in the NFL. Yes, 0-16 is possible. I still think Jax to LA is more possible than Bills to LA.

Via BBC:

A 70cm (27-inch) tall Colombian has been named the world’s shortest living man by Guinness World Records.

Edward Nino Hernandez, 24, weighs only 10kg (22lbs). His mother said he had not grown since he was two years old.

Mr Hernandez, who works part-time as a dancer, told the Associated Press: “I feel happy because I’m unique.”

The previous record holder was He Pingping of China, who was 4cm (1.5 inches) taller and died in March – before Mr Hernandez was discovered.

Mr Hernandez is not expected to keep the title for long, however, as Khagendra Thapa Magar of Nepal is expected to take the title when he turns 18 in October.

Via BBC:

Israeli scientists believe they have identified why Arabic is particularly hard to learn to read. The University of Haifa team say people use both sides of their brain when they begin reading a language – but when learning Arabic this is wasting effort. The detail of Arabic characters means students should use only the left side of their brain because that side is better at distinguishing detail. The findings from the study of 40 people are reported in Neuropsychology. 

When someone learns to read Arabic they have to work out which letters are which, and which ones go with which sounds. It is the ability to tell letters apart that seems to work differently in Arabic – because telling the characters apart involves looking at very small details such as the placement of dots.Professor Zohar Eviatar, who led the research team, said: “The particular characteristics of Arabic make it hard for the right hemisphere to be involved. When you are starting something new, there is a lot of [right hemisphere] involvement.”

Via NBC:

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican on Sunday raised the possibility of using behind-the-scenes diplomacy to try to spare the life of an Iranian widow sentenced to be stoned for adultery.

In its first public statement on the case, which has attracted worldwide attention, the Vatican also decried stoning as a particularly “brutal” form of capital punishment.

Vatican spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi said the Catholic church opposes the death penalty in general.

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani was convicted in 2006 of adultery. In July, Iranian authorities said they would not carry out the stoning sentence for the time being, but the mother of two could still face execution by hanging for adultery and other offenses.

One of the most important lessons of Jesus’ teaching, 2,000 years ago was on the occasion of a possible stoning of a woman for adultery. “He that is without sin, let him cast the first stone.”

Adultery, among most of the major religions is a sin, and one can make a good case for it being detrimental to society. But whatever it’s demerits, it does warrant stoning to death.

Update: Via BBC–the woman is to be whipped

So says Stephen Hawking.

British physicist and mathematician Stephen Hawking says no, arguing in his new book that there need not be a God behind the creation of the universe.

Via Wapo:

BAKERSFIELD, CALIF. – A doctor involved in an “on-again, off-again” relationship apparently tried to force her way into her boyfriend’s home by sliding down the chimney, police said Tuesday. Her decomposing body was found there three days later. 

Via CNN: More Teens Becoming Fake Christians.

Via ABC:

A Croatian teenager awoke from a coma last week to find she could no longer speak in her native Croatian — but was fluent in German, a language she had just started studying in school, the U.K. press reports.

Following a mysterious 24-hour coma, the thirteen-year-old girl from the southern town of Knin has been able to understand Croatian, according to the U.K. press. She can only respond in German and requires a translator to communicate with her family, the stories said.

So Wapo has an article on Opus Dei, the type of soft, fluff piece meant to humanize Opus Dei. I think it was largely successful with the exception of this very strange bit:

There is corporal mortification, though not as portrayed in “The Da Vinci Code,” they say. “It’s not a bloody whipping of oneself,” Coverdale said. “It’s more an annoyance.” He wears a leg chain with dull spikes — called a cilice — around his upper thigh for a couple of hours a day while praying. It’s designed to be uncomfortable but not to draw blood. And once or twice a week, during a prayer, he whips himself on his buttocks with a type of rope referred to as “the disciplines.”

“It doesn’t particularly hurt; maybe it stings a bit,” Coverdale said.

Yikes! There is no way to make this come across as normal and everyday-Joe like.